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Out Run

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Out Run

Out Run. Complete In Box, Cartridge, and Literature. In overall very good condition. Back Cover: Brace yourself for the most realistic racing experience yet. And to play, you've got to have what it takes: NERVE, SKLL and BRAINS. NERVE - you're behind the wheel of a supertuned race car with one speed only: fast. SKILL -- you're maneuvering a car that can nearly reach a simulated 270 KMH. BRAINS -- because you're in control of your car's speed and handling at a dangerous pace, you have to use your head an not just your hands to survive.

Box Condition 9/10
Cartridge Condition 9/10
Literature 7/10

Complete Out Run for Sega Master System

$10.70 (Shipping: $3.00 each)