SingStar for PlayStation Review

A group of people posing for the camera

With the launch of the new game SingStar, PlayStation uses can turn their console into a karaoke machine! SingStar uses the same system seen in games like Guitar Hero; players can access a store, known as the SingStore, to purchase additional songs. You select what song and video clip you want to buy, agree to a charge usually around $1.50, and song begins to immediately download straight to your console. Although the game doesn’t offer features like head-to-head challenges with other players online, the game offers pure interaction with the system, exactly what real karaoke is. But don’t worry, because SingStar offers three different challenging difficulty levels for continuous play. The game does offer features allowing players to sing in duets. A player can also play in a head-to-head challenge with friends or even duet challenges. Like all games even sports betting games via UFABET, it takes some getting used-to. Once you are comfortable with how the game works and reacts to your voice, the real fun begins.

The graphics are great. The game has a very realistic style that most gamers prefer to “cartoonish” characters, as do I; but then again, because the majority of the game just displays videos of a band actually singing your song, most of the graphics are simply videos. The sound quality is great as well, but to ensure that you are reaching the sound qualities’ full potential, make sure to adjust your settings.

As someone who is constantly involved in the progress of music-related games, I have tried and tested almost every karaoke system available on the market today. This system is a good way to save money and time setting up another Karaoke system. It is a fun activity to do, and even if you are not the singer type, you should definitely give it a try with a few friends.

Overall, I would rate this game as a 23 out of 25. I truly enjoyed playing this game and I loved the audio and graphics. The reason I rate this game lower in creativity is because most music games share the same features. I was also very bothered by the fact that I could not compete with players online. So if you enjoy music and a good time with your friends, run over to your favorite electronics store and grab a copy of Sing Star, the game that keeps you on your feet and singing.