Naruto Ninja Council 2: Game Review

Background pattern

As a new fan of the Naruto series, I started to explore the DS games of Naruto and my first stop was Naruto Ninja Council 2. My first impression was that it might be another of those regular games which help to kill time. But as I got more ahead into the game I started getting more engrossed till the point that my mother had to drag me away from the game otherwise I wouldn’t have got any sleep. Note that when you are good at gaming, it’s very likely that you’d do really well playing 온라인 카지노 online as well. 

Graphics & Audio: 22/25

The graphics are more or less the same in both the first and second series of the Ninja Council games. Both have almost the same size,moving patterns and antics of the characters. But it takes the cake in the audio section. The tune and the beats are so addictive I can’t get them off my mind even while writing now. The music is superb and fits in nicely to the animated surroundings.

Gameplay: 20/25

In terms of gameplay, a huge amount of changes have been made while progressing to the second series.The mission style gameplay has been eliminated and a new story based turn of events have been accomodated which I can’t say i disprove of. It has been a huge accomplishment on which I would like to thank the game developers. The story line has been progressed which makes the game all the more fun. The stages and levels have been toughened up which makes it quite a challenge to get past the bosses at some later levels.

Creativity: 15/25

Although the game is good, It could have done with a with more detailed storyline and the concept of the game has now become quite outdated.

Fun: 20/25

Although Naruto Ninja Council 2 has its pros and cons, it certainly is a pretty good game and definitely deserves to be played promising hours of fun. I certainly had and it was quite an experience.