What Makes Role Playing Video Games like Final Fantasy Popular?

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I enjoy playing video games in my free time. I have been doing it since I first got a Nintendo. Video games are a popular form of entertainment that is used and known by many people around the world. There are many forms of video games for players with different levels of skills. For example, strategy, platform, sport where you can use Tennis Rackets, simulation, rpg, first person shooter, and action are a certain types of video games. Many people can find a game that suits them and is fun and easy to understand. For any avid gamer that enjoys playing role-playing-games or rpg for short, the probability of final fantasy coming to mind is very high. The final fantasy series has dominated the rpg field with three factors, story,re-playability, and characters.

An rpg is basically just a story, in which players train their characters through battle. The characters are controlled through a made up world. The world itself can be explored as you progress with the story in the game. Exploration is a popular feature for many rpg players. There is a main story to an rpg and alot of optional side-stories. It is your decision if you focus on the main story and continue with the game or if you do the side stories and explore the rpg world. The more experience received through battle the higher the level of your character the stronger he/she becomes. The higher the level, the more strength and abilities your character receives. The characters exist in a world that has similarties to ours except it is more mythical and magical. Characters can use magic and fight monsters as they progress through the game. When in battle your characters and enemies are placed in a certain formation. If you are good at strategies, you might wanna look at playing some fun sports betting games at UFABET and possibly win a lot of money. 

When in battle your characters and enemies take turns attacking each other. Who ever used the best strategy usually wins, your level compared to thr enemies level also contributes to a higher probability of victory. To complete the story of an rpg a mix of strategy and strong characters are needed. Every once in a while characters battle with bosses that are take time and patience to defeat.

( 1 ) Final Fantasy games have had the best stories that cannot be macthed by any other rpg’s or any other type of game. Final Fantasy is the game other rpg companies thrive to come close to. I personality did not play any of the final fantasy games from part I-VI, i did play parts VII-XII. I did in the the other hand play rpgs like “Super Mario RPG” and “Earthbound”, for the Super Nintendo. I played many other rpgs from different consoles like, NES, SNES, Xbox, and Playstation 1-2, all which had great stories. A great story is a story that makes the reader not want to put the book down. Great rpg’s have that same quality. The only difference is the story is not read from a book but through the screen. Rpg games are long, it can take between 50-80 hours to complete one. Any other platform has an average game time of 6-10 hours. For a person to play 50-80 hours the story has to be captivating. The story from an rpg is not only read but experienced, you control the characters. Rpg players want to keep knowing, what is going to happen next. What makes rpgs better than a book is that there can be different outcomes depending on the players decisions. The stories of final fantasy have twist, friendships, rivalries, mystery, love, and betrayel. The story keeps the players on the edge of their seat until the end when everything falls into place.

( 2 ) Final Fantasy is an rpg that has many secrets that are hidden around the rpg game world, which offers alot of re-playibility through exploration. For example, in final fantasy VIII there are certain monsters that you collect and aid you in battle. If all monsters are collected, a special monster is obtain. This newly obtain monster can make a previously hard battle very easy. They do not have to be collected and their locations are not obvious, you have to explore the world and look for them. There are also hidden weapons or magic that are stronger than common weapons. These weapons or magic can be obtained when certain items are gathered. Some items are rare in the rpg world and only can be obtained when certain special hard to find monsters are defeated. It is hard to find all the secrets of an rpg the first time around, but each time you replay it more will be found. Once all secrets item, weapons, magic, monsters are obtained, playing through the game will be a different experience. With our current prices in video games it is hard to find a game that is worth the money. Video games typically cost $60 each, which type of game would you buy? a 50 hour game or a 6 hour game? I would buy the game that not only offers 50 hours of play time, but replayibility as well. People may argue, why do I want a game that I cannot pass in one day? My answer is that there is a certain satisfication that comes from passing an rpg and in a way you will miss it and its characters. Alot of games that are six hours long can be replayed once or twice and you got everything, which means $60 down the drain for just a couple of hours of game play.

( 3 ) The characters from final fantasy have great depth and contain traits that anyone can relate to. Another factor that makes people want to play final fantasy or any good rpg is its characters. Characters each have a detailed past that is seen throughout the main story. The 50 hour would be boring if the characters were not up to par. Final fantasy characters are an example of how a well made character can be popular for a long time. Take final fantasy VII, chances are you have heard the name of the main characters Cloud and Sephiroth. Final fantasy VII came out in the 90’s and it is already 2021 and the characters are still talked about by many rpg gamers. Recently in 2020 a Final Final VII: Advent Children movie came out, which took place a couple years after the ending of the final fantasy VII rpg game. Final fantasy has characters that you as a player understand. You begin to feel compasion for the characters motives, their struggle and place amongst their world. The interaction the characters have starts to feel as real as the one you have with people. A good rpg allows the player to put in themselves in the shoes the main character and be him as he evolves through the story.